How to make Sparkling Hibiscus Mint Tea!

A couple years back, my doctor informed me my blood pressure is a little high. This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been told this. “I was stressed today”, “I got lost and that is probably why”,   “My cat ran away”. Oh I had plenty of excuses!  However, I have been watching my sodium intake.  After some research I bought hibiscus tea bags.


These are pretty darn cool.  They are larger than a regular sized tea bag.  Side of the box has instructions to add two cups of water to the pot, boil, then turn off heat and add one tea bag. Let steep five minutes.  Discard tea bag and let cool. Add sugar to taste and two cups of cold water then chill.  This is what I did instead for one serving:

  • Put tea bag in a large mug and fill with boiling water as you would any tea
  • Steep 5-7 minutes and remove tea bag
  • Chill tea in refridgerator
  • When you are ready to drink, add equal amount of sparkling water or club soda. Pop in an herb of mint



YUM.  You will NOT miss the sugar! As a fan of pop like Pepsi, or, in North Carolina here, Cheerwine, this really hits the spot and is actually good for you! 🙂

Hibiscus is great for mildly-high blood pressure, beneficial for people with Type 2 Diabetes, helps speed up metabolism and more>>>(click here for more info)  If you can’t find Luzianne , check out your tea/coffee aisle in you favorite grocery store.  Hibiscus is a pretty popular tea!  I hope you have some as the weather gets hot and sunny!